So you think you can change the world?


Here's what I've learnt about life, search deep, search hard to find your passion, because it's the only thing that will get you through life. It takes people years to find themselves, life is very much a self discovery journey so embrace it. Although I'm no expert about life, I'd like to think there are somethings I'm good at, they come from being a passionate individual with strong moral values. 


They call me the 'Rainmaker', guess it's because often in life money has followed me and blessed people who have been around me, if you want to watch it rain, then stick with me. It's not a bad thing, but if you don't watch yourself, money can destroy you. I believe in doing things whole heartedly, with passion, which often keeps me out of trouble and very much grounded. I hate doing things half heartedly because if I do, I don't stick around very long. Throughout life I have chosen to follow my heart. The years I didn't, I lost myself and became incredibly unhappy and restless with life. It took me a while to realise, I'm a free spirit who needs to fly and be independent, the moment I lose my wings or feel caged, I self destruct. I need to follow my passion, I can't do things for the sake of doing things. 





















So what am I passionate about: 


Medicine & Entrepreneurialism - Although I didn't go in to medicine for the right reasons, medicine was the best thing that could have happened to me. It gave me focus in my life. Medical school was a self discovery period for me, it allowed me to see a completely different world to the one I grew up in. It taught me about human interactions. Medicine, also helped me understand myself better, by doing so, it allowed me to cope with myself and understand my reactions, growing up in a dysfunctional household often meant my coping mechanisms weren't quite gold standard, I am still a work in progress.


Medicine gave me a place in society that was a true privilege, It allowed me to grow as a person, build my self confidence, which when I came to Medical school was lacking. Through doing  medicine, I became a better person, a passionate person and one with good moral values.


Kids from Dysfunctional backgrounds go one of two ways, I can very much say, medicine saved me and gave me a way of life I could never have dreamt of. Although it took me a few years to enjoy life as a Doctor, the 3 specialities I enjoyed most were Paediatrics, Geriatrics and General Practice. They were specialities where I connected best with my patients, I became a GP, I enjoyed life as a GP in the earlier years but when things started going wrong in my personal life - ie my sons Autism, my own ill health both of which impacted on my marriage, I struggled to connect with my patients, that's when I decided to walk out of medicine and focus on my medical recruitment business. As the Medical Director of my company I still kept myself up to date with medicine but wasn't practising frontline.

Through a sad twist of fate or maybe it was just destiny, I was meant to fly off to Los Angeles in Sept 2016 to start off a new life whilst my son was in Canada, my FiL who never quite came to terms with me leaving frontline medicine or my divorce had a massive heart attack whilst visiting us for my sons 10th birthday in London and died in my arms. I tried incredibly hard to resuscitate him, but at the age of 79 years, his time was up. That was a life changing/defining moment for me, it re-ignited my passion for medicine, I went back to studying medicine and updated my knowledge and clinical skills, once my dr-Plus App is ready, I will go back to practising medicine, albeit a day a week in honour of my late FiL.

I know in life everything happens for a reason, if it wasn't for my late FiL, I would not have developed dr-Plus and I definitely wouldn't have gone back to frontline medicine. Life is a gift, I didn't want to waste my life, my FiL filled in the big gaping hole my father left empty, although we weren't blood, he was, like my mother, my biggest well wisher. I miss his wisdom and positivity more than ever, but I know he is with me every step of the way! 

Family & Friends - A broken home, a broken heart and an empty stomach teaches you the best lessons in life. I promised myself, when I had my own family, I would give my kids everything I never had in my life.. That included unlimited hugs and kisses.. the word 'I love you' is always used in my home.. although my son isn't in my life, I wanted to give him the best chance in life by giving him stability, I couldn't have done what I did and let him go if it wasn't for the 'unconditional love' I have for him. I learnt very early on life that I will always put my childrens needs ahead of my own. My daughter is my right hand girl, my rock and my heart beat, she often brings out the best in me!

The early years of wealth building was to ensure my childrens future was secure, everything we did, we did to make sure we left more than our names to our children, it's when I got divorced and my world fell apart I became a little more selfish, it re-ignited my passion for fast cars!

Supercars - We all need something that makes us feel alive, when my life fell apart, I looked at all the things that made me feel good about myself that brought out the best in me. Funnily enough, I'm not a great fan of speed but I am a great fan of beautiful looking supercars. I live on the edge of life, supercars are probably the only thing in my life that gives me a buzz.. The magic I feel when I get in my cars and turn the keys and hear the engine roar goes a long way to making my life near perfect. It's true, I'd rather cry in a Ferrari than a S! car.. I've made a decision to become a Ferrari collector.. so here's my growing list of toys.. 

My first love and favourite is the 458 Speciale. The story goes like this, the supercar community didn't quite know what to think of me, so they decided to pick on me and make my life hell.. I'm used to being picked on, I grew up with someone or the other giving me grief, but I learnt at a very young age to stand up for myself, and more importantly focus on something positive. I often walk away from anything that distrurbs my inner peace, some will say it's a weakness, I think of it as a strength.. I don't like inner conflict within my head.. I hate my head feeling like a battle ground, so I try and protect my world the best I can. Often that includes walking away and finding things that makes me feel good about myself.. Fortunately Ferrari's make me feel great about myself and so, like most things in life, it has become my drug of choice to escape from life. The 458 Speciale was recently joined by the 488 Spider, the plan is to keep adding a Ferrari every year or two.. well, depends on if I like the cars coming out of Maranello and of course, if lady luck continues to shine my way through my new businesses!